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 Designed, Sophisticated Technology

Mandinci is a joint venture, from two different schools of knowledge:

Graphical designers, business-minded software consultants

 Powerfull platform

Mandinci's goal is to be the best and most creative in web-design.
For that, we use the most powerfull tool called Gantry Framework.

Mandinci warranties: 100% customer satasfaction.

 Top-Notch Design

Mandinci doesn't concerns weather you need a new logotype, a new package design or as simply as a new businesscard.

We strive for perfection, and we do everything from scratch in order to maintain satisfied clients.

  • Introducing Mandinci
  • Software and Web
  • Illustration & Design

B2B Marketing

Increase your reimbursment and minimize your VAT by selling to businesses. Need help getting started?

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Perhaps the local market is overpopulated, -look for new opportunities and expand to the international arenas, online?

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Software Solutions

Each business is individual, just as business companies, with the attachment of personal needs for increased efficiency.

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Packaging Design

Deploy or release a new package for your physical products! We will take care of everything, to your needs!

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Mandinci: Targeting the global market.

With today's technology, and with a world of constant change, we no longer require to work within a geographically proximate market. Instead, we can reach out of the whole spectrum of markets, and offer our services where it is needed.

However, we feel that we would like to invite costumers to our offices and meet our clients in person.
Therefore we have two different located offices. One in Miami, FL and one in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Online Webpages: Present your products / services in a nice online package..

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Branded Logotypes: Costume made logos from our creative and skilled designers..

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Business Cards: Make yourself easy to remember; in a classy, but still creative way..

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Top-notch: A small package, for starters; 2 costumed designed logo's + assosiated business cards and power-point template.

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Mandinci Deluxe: A bigger package for companies that might need a face lift or just some enchantments...

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 Filemaker Pro: Experience the total control of your business with Filemaker! Tired of readjusting your company because of trouble? Supervise your business in real-time,
and start readjusting your troubles after your company! Even better; start working pro-active,
and avoid your problems completely!

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About Us

A quote says more about us, than any contact info.

If you don't drive your business, you will be driven out of business.

B.C Forbers, founder of Forbes Magazine.

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Top Features

Image Integrated software solutions.
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Image Web forms fully integrated.

Image Tailored, graphic designed logotypes.

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Company Information

Mandinci is physically located in Miami, FL and Stockholm, Sweden.
Swedish contact information:

Miami, FL contact information: