Mandinci offers a big variety of IT Solutions, based upon your needs.

Each company is unique, and therefore it is crucial to choose the right software solution, tailored to your need.

Let's say you have a number of employees, let's say you have 15 employees.
All of these workers come in every payrollbreak with coffee-spilled hourreports to your accounting department.
The accounting department manually read every report, make a couple of calls to check that everything is in order.

  • Why not digitalize this process instead?
  • Import the data collected straight into your accounting-software!
  • Save days of work in minutes!
  • This could easily be applied to any other reports or information gathering!
  • Make one for your costumers in order to find out what they think about your business!


 A powerfull database tool.
Presentational or webshop? -Doesn't matter!

Physical package design!


imageTrade Fairs Products
A big variety of products with your company logo on it!
Logotype Design

Handmade spesificly for your business!
Designed Presentations

Powerpoint and Prezi


Marketing Counseling

Strategy or tactical?
PDF Forms

Utility that eliminates paperwork.
Any specific demands?

Just ask us!

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Package Features

Everything you order from us, is tailored after your specific demands:

  • Tailored Logotype (We'll create a couple of samples for you to choose from)
  • Grantry supported website that fits your needs
  • Assosiated Business Cards
  • Beautiful, designed presentations

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Mandinci is physically located in Miami, FL and Stockholm, Sweden.
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