Marketing through email is a very effective method to communicate with your customers. Generally it is very economical, and if properly done, can help create brand identification and dependability. At an average of just a few pennies cost per message, it is definitely a great bargain in contrast to traditional 'direct mail". Furthermore, email marketing has a strong response rate which ranges from 5-35 percent depending on industry type and format.

One advantage of marketing email is the amount of information that clients supply when registering for your subscription email. By learning who your clients really are, including their gender, age, income and specially their special interests, you can target your services and products to accommodate their needs.

Advantages of email marketing:

1. Brings in interested audiences. Your offer can reach prospect clients that already have conveyed interest to your topic.

2. Cost effective. Compared to all other methods of direct marketing, significantly, email marketing is much less expensive.

3. Fast and effective. Conventional direct marketing methods, like direct mail, take up a lot time to make and execute. Then, you still have to wait for another few months to evaluate the results so to verify success. In permission or "opt-in" email marketing, promotions can be implemented in just days with outcome traceable in actual time, providing you with instant and direct feedback as your campaign or promotion is in its development stage.

4. Responses are high. Generally, permission or "opt-in" email campaigns brings about higher response rates compared traditional direct ad promotion or even other kinds of online promotion or advertising.

Not like a website, wherein an internet user has to memorise the web address as well as remember and visit, an email ezine or newsletter regularly appears at certain intervals with no effort from your client. Over a certain period, it strengthens your perceived capability, educates your recipients regarding their demand for your products and services, then makes you their choice of provider when your recipients finally decides that it is time to employ someone.

Downloadable pieces such as ebooks are accessible instantly. For instance, when you are offering prospect clients an ebook with helpful information, by just visiting your website, click on your "landing page" and fill up details and in just minutes, your ebook is downloaded.

5. Email can perform tasks automatically. Autoresponders are practical and inexpensive and can be set on "auto pilot" to send specific information and reports to your recipients through email.

Autoresponders send emails automatically back to whomever that sent you email regarding information on the products or services that you offer.

Now your prospects obtain the information that they are asking regarding your business, your services and products for twenty-four hours everyday and yes, seven days in a week, without any individual to "follow-up" on each lead.

Disadvantages of email marketing:

1. Today, with the arrival of spam, email can be a poor environment to deal with. This means that prospects are mainly searching their email for particular messages from friends, family and colleagues then, all else is banned. However thanks to anti-spam programs and email servers that filters spam messages into the bulk folder. Take into consideration though, that some of emails can possibly be filtered to the spam folder when not permitted by the recipient.

2. Email messages need to be short. Prospects want quick and to the point information. Therefore a lengthy copy is definitely out. Complicated offers certainly are out. So are supporting arguments and facts.

3. Emails restrain your creativity. All text is quite boring and with email massages, text is the most essential part. You can not even create creative messages as your recipients demand straight to the point advertisements or reports.

Several small online businesses presume that the web has very little worth to them since they believe that their services or products cannot be sold easily online. However they are yet to discover the power of cost-effective information processing as well as electronic media or "email" can benefit most small online businesses supply faster and better communication and customer service.


Anybody can promote their website, advertise their products and get their ideas out simply using by the "Email" as the channel of delivering and making their message known to the world.

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